22 April 2021

«Vkusnotoriya» LLC traditionally participated as an exhibitor. Turkish sweet delicacies such as pishmaniye, lukum, aksaray, chekme, pishmaniye with pistachios in the glaze and aksaray classic in the glaze were presented in all the breadth of its line.

22 April 2021

Vkusnotoriya manufacturing enterprise has also expanded its product range.

21 April 2021

In February 2019, "Vkusnotoriya" LLC participated in another exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production "PRODEXPO-2019".

The main

Vkusnotoriya LLC is a modern confectionery enterprise focused on the production of Turkish sweets such as pishmaniye, chekme, aksaray, various kinds of lukum.

Our product is exclusive on the Russian market. The latest Turkish equipment is used in production, traditional national technologies and recipes are applied. Experience and skillful hands of Turkish craftsmen ensure high quality of products.

We build our work with clients on the principles of partnership, loyalty, flexibility, integrity and honesty.